Support CEM

Support CEM

CEM (Cultural & Educational Media) is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization who has recieved support from the following foundations:

Kalliopeia Foundation
ONE Foundation
The Attar Supporting Organization
The Fetzer Institute
The Compton Foundation
The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
The Tara Foundation

CEM is currently seeking financial support and strategic partnerships with funding organizations for its three current projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact CEM President, Stephen Olsson, regarding your donations. Email Stephen Olsson

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Support A Specific CEM project

Support: Bridge to Iran

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BRIDGE TO IRAN is a unique series of documentary films and engaging conversations which carries viewers into the lives of Iranian citizens and into the heart and soul of Persian culture. BRIDGE TO IRAN presents memorable characters, confronted with a wide range of obstacles and opportunities as they navigate their lives through a changing social and political landscape.

Support : One Through Love or Beyond Translation

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For ONE THROUGH LOVE: Jalaluddin Rumi meets Shams of Tabriz, we are expanding the project website by extending the range of featured "lovers". We are currently seeling funding to produce and edit new video sequences, each voiced by knowledgeable individuals from the USA, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, and other societies. Each new sequence will extend the range of Rumi's teachings in significant ways, contributing to a more multi-dimensional viewing experience. We plan to launch an outreach campaign to link our ONE THROUGH LOVE website with a wide range of sufi and other spiritual and educational organizations throughout the USA and the world.

We are also seeking support for the larger documentary film on the teachings of Jalaluddin Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, tentatively titled: BEYOND TRANSLATION: Jalaluddin Rumi meets Shams of Tabriz, which will be crafted from a complete, feature-length script, using some of the video segments presented on the ONE THROUGH LOVE webpage, along with other original animation and other film footage. BEYOND TRANSLATION: Jalaluddin Rumi meets Shams of Tabriz, will be a feature-length documentary film for theatrical presentation, international television broadcast and educational distribution.

Support : HEALING A Soldier's Heart

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For HEALING A SOLDIER'S HEART, we are raising funds to develop a 12-part healing curriculum and facilitator's guide, to accompany the film for vets from all wars, and to launch the distribution of the film to vets through community screenings at Vets Centers and through partner organizations. Now that the film is finished, we hope to raise $40,000 to develop the healing curriculum and to take and present the film to veteran's communities throughout the US, with psycho-therapist and author Ed Tick and veteran characters from the film.

Support : Global Spirit

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For GLOBAL SPIRIT, we plan on producing a number of new programs on different themes in 2014. Each GLOBAL SPIRIT program, packaged for PBS and LInk TV, currently costs approximately $60,000 to produce, including outreach, PR and website streaming. Each new completed program will be broadcast on PBS as well as integrated into the ongoing GLOBAL SPIRIT national broadcasts on Link TV.

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