Her Name Came on Arrows: A Kinship Interview with the Baruya of New Guinea

In the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea, French anthropolgist Maurice Godelier invites five of his Baruya friends and informants to his house to discuss Baruya kinship and rules of marriage. As Godelier poses questions, the kinship rules that provide the cohesive fabric of Baruya culture are brought to life. Abstract terms are given practical meanings as Godelier investigates Baruya customs of stealing wives, exchanging sisters for wives, stealing names and exchanging “food for blood.” Throughout the interview, a wealth of information comes to the surface.

Produced by Allison & Marek Jablonko & Stephen Olsson.

Both films screened at:
Cinema du Reel, Paris 1983
Margaret Mead Film Festival, NY 1982
American Anthropological Meetings, LA 1981, Washington 1982
International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnographic Sciences, Amsterdam and Vancouver

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The DVD is available for purchase from Documentary Educational Resources (DER).