Face to Face: Young Arabs & Americans

Face to Face—Young Arabs and Americans is a groundbreaking television documentary featuring a live digital satellite link between four students at San Francisco’s Lowell High School and four Arab high school students in Amman, Jordan.

The first youth dialogue of its kind to hit American TV screens, Face to Face is a unique meeting of cultures, hearts and minds. The conversation ranges from political disagreements to cultural stereotypes and misperceptions, interracial dating, drugs, the Intifada, teen suicide bombers, Martin Luther King, the bias of the media, and U.S. support for Israel. Although they agree on much, the two groups of students remain worlds apart on issues like suicide bombings. The players in this drama are articulate, honest and candid about the political and social factors contributing to the tragic Middle East stalemate.

Producer/Director: Stephen Olsson


San Francisco Chronicle: “Film documents tensions, hopes between Jordanian, S.F. teens”

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